Social distancing has impacted the younger people more severely than the elderly. They feel greatly impacted by the Corona epidemic and feel more lonely and anxious than ever. They are laid off by the millions, schools are semi-open and the mental healthcare resources are harder to access. They are missing the sense of purpose and social structure work or school provides.

The entire social scene has come to a halt. And while phone calls & video chats can keep people in touch, they’re not the same as getting together and supporting each other.

We believe this group of young people need help in battling loneliness in the big city. Research shows that older people may be better equipped to cope with isolation and are more resilient as they are used at being at their own.

People in their 20s & 30s are more likely than older people to value socializing and making new friends. Shame and criticism discourages them to seek help. Society has the tendency to exclude this group of lonely people.

 That's where we come in!