Jennifer van Tuyl
Founder & Social Matchmaker


Entrepreneur with a passion to create meaningful connections and genuine interactions. Be the driver of your best life. Jennifer is a Creative Partner at WOW Navigators and Managing Partner at BLGD Real Estate.

I’ve lived a tumultuous life; moving a lot and growing up in a dysfunctional family. I had to overcome my fear of commitment, abandonment and rejection. I would be haunted by visions of myself, isolated and lonely, not capable of making any friends because of my trust issues. What I was most anxious about during all of this was the lack of building valuable relationships. As a young adult, I had no idea how to form connections. But I also remember feeling lonely much of the time. I tried to join groups but no one really engaged with me.

And though I managed through life and became successful I’ve always wondered if there wasn’t an easier way to boost my confidence and create a strong sense of self. I wish I would have known how to help my young adult self, hungry for connections but clueless as how to make them.

In the process of restoring a connection with others I realized that we actually have to create a connection with ourselves. It’s not waiting for others to initiate that connection. It’s our willingness to try again, be vulnerable again, show up for others, reach out, and make ourselves an active part of our communities. But sometimes you just need a little help to steer you in the right direction. That's where we come in. 

The Life Driver helps you to open up and get you to meet people in the flesh to broaden your social circle. We'll empower you towards more human interaction and introduce you to others with shared experiences and relatable feelings.

So let's get off our phones and create meaningful bonds between people in a way that makes all of us feel more connected. Real-life community, it turns out, is irreplaceable.

Matthew Eynde
Social Matchmaker

Matthew has a passion for personal growth and music. He plays the guitar in his band. Matthew also works as a social media specialist at an educational organisation.



We work with an extended team of carefully curated partners, experts and consultants. We have developed a range of customized workshops and events together with coaches and trainers from various fields to assist you in accomplishing your desired social life.

Dr. Marisa G Franco is a psychologist and friendship expert. Maria studied friendship intensively, doing research on friendship all over the world. As a former professor Maria has written a book on friends called Platonic. 

Her psychology practice and research focus on the powerful role of our communities in shaping who we are and why we flourish.

Marisa uses her expertise to advise clients and companies on how to nurture deeper connections. She believes that connections underlie everything—our health, our motivation, our work, and our sense of who we are.

Marisa has been a featured expert for Psychology TodayBustle, and The Scientific American