According to studies 69% of millennials feel lonely or alone even amidst other people and they feel like nobody understands them. Even at the workplace.

We know that having fulfilling relationships helps people feel connected, valued, validated and happy. But for many, fear of social situations, shyness or anxiety can make finding and building friendships a challenge. With just a little help, it can become easier to get to know other people and make things happen. 

At The Life Driver our mission is to help young people fight against loneliness by creating genuine meaningful connections. We bring millennials together by introducing them to possible new friends and empower them to build the social life they want.

The first step is recognizing that you are the driver of your own life. You have complete control over the decisions you make, the people you surround yourself with, the way you maintain your relationships (also digital ones). No one's definitions, preconceived notions or directions have to define you.

As humans we feel the instinctive pull to spent time together, yet as technology plays a bigger role in our everyday lives we seem to be losing sight of our social selves. Perhaps this is the reason we sometimes feel lonely in a crowd; why we reach for our smartphones the moment we find ourselves alone in a public space. 

Social media offers us a smoke screen to hide behind, and smartphones the excuse of busyness. But what if we looked up more often and took the time to share authentic moments to connect with those around us? Strangers, friends, neighbours and colleagues - as humans, we all need a sense of connection. No person is an island unto themselves.

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